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Looking to Travel to Belize

Once a very hard island to fly to but no longer.  Many airlines offer non-stop flights to Belize from select Cities in the United States.  So if your looking to enjoy the White Sand Beaches, Scuba Diving, or the beautiful rain forest, take a look at the airlines below. United Airlines - Flying out of Houston…
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Book one way Flights vs Complete flights

In many cases booking flights as one way flights can save you money. If your a business traveler and need to book multiple stops you will start to find it may be cheaper to book separate tickets then to book all on one transaction. American, Delta, and United are recent airlines that have changed there…
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How to get Cheap Airfare

So your looking to go on vacation but can't find Airfare cheap enough? Here are some helpful tips to possibly save you a little money and get you onto your next vacation. Check your credit cards maybe Credit companies offer points which you can turn into free flights or discounted flights at the least. Book…
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