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Apps to save on your travels

When you go on vacation very few will leave behind the technology they love so much. Here are some apps that we think can help you vacation better. 1.) WIFI Finder - This app will help you find open wifi networks. While its not always safe to be on open wifi networks because someone could…
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Bringing Tech to Luggage

Most people have a normal carry-on luggage that hold your belongings but does nothing more than that.  A company Floatti is trying to change that concept.  After completing a crowdfunding raising over $600k it has become one of the most desired carry-on bags on the market.  While the funding is over you can still Pre-Order…
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Google Destinations

Looking to go on vacation?  Let Google be your Travel guide.  The search giant has just rolled out a new search featured they are calling "Google Destinations" that will allow you to search and find the best deals on Hotels, Flights, and everything all from your Smartphone. If you try to find this from your…
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