Google Destinations

Looking to go on vacation?  Let Google be your Travel guide.  The search giant has just rolled out a new search featured they are calling "Google Destinations" that will allow you to search and find the best deals on Hotels, Flights, and everything all from your Smartphone.

If you try to find this from your computer don't bother its a smart phone feature only.  My guess is they found most people searching for vacations are doing it while bored at work or in a meeting as they found a 50% increase in travel related search on mobile.  So now while you are sitting watching TV at home why not plan your next vacation so Give Google Destinations a try.

To find this feature from your phone type in a City our country you want to visit then type "Destinations" for example "Aruba Destinations".  You will get a lot of information regarding Aruba but also great deals on locations in Aruba and what the best Airfare and Hotel will cost.

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