Book one way Flights vs Complete flights

In many cases booking flights as one way flights can save you money. If your a business traveler and need to book multiple stops you will start to find it may be cheaper to book separate tickets then to book all on one transaction. American, Delta, and United are recent airlines that have changed there pricing which can make it cheaper to book separate tickets.

Examples say you need to go from Boston to San Jose that ticket with a stop in Denver maybe $500 but if you book 2 separate transactions for Boston to Denver and then another transaction for Denver to San Jose you will start to find this could save you hundreds of dollars on your travels. There is of course some downside to this.

  • You will have to pay a fee for each ticket if you need to change your flights to a different day
  • If your first flight is delayed there will be less help getting you on a new flight than if you had a single ticket for both flights.

So the real question is it worth the couple hundred dollars in savings?

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