Looking to Travel to Belize

Once a very hard island to fly to but no longer.  Many airlines offer non-stop flights to Belize from select Cities in the United States.  So if your looking to enjoy the White Sand Beaches, Scuba Diving, or the beautiful rain forest, take a look at the airlines below.

  • United Airlines - Flying out of Houston direct to Belize year round on 2 flights as well on Saturdays from Chicago
  • Delta Airlines - Currently offers Saturday Flights in January to August and October to December out of LAX.  As well a daily flight out of Atlanta year round with 2 flights departing on Saturdays
  • Southwest - With the merger of AirTran, Southwest flyers now have the benefit of international Travel.  This includes a daily out of Houston year round
  • American Airlines - Certainly one of the largest Airlines flying into Belize with Non-Stops out of Miami, Dallas, LAX, and Charlotte
    • Miami offers dialy flights year round as well an additional flight five times a week that runs from October to November
    • Dallas offers 2 flights one on Saturday every month except for October, the other flying daily except October and November when it departs Saturday and Sunday
    • Los Angeles departing Saturday and Sunday in all months except October and November during those months the flight is only on Saturday
    • Charlotte has flight similar to Los Angeles where it Departs Saturday and Sunday every month except October and November when the flight only departs on Saturday

Now the fun can begin shopping for the best price airfare

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