Disney Timeshares Stay Popular

On the Resale Market I would have thought that Disney Timeshares would have become a soft market.  However the opposite is true, on the resale market Disney Timeshares still are one of the most sought after properties.  Recently Disney took away Perks when you purchase on the resale market.

Those items are discounts on merchandise, annual passes and restaurants, special movie screenings, and cruises.  This isn't the first time Disney has taken perks away in 2011 they stopped allowing resale buyers to use points for Disney Cruise Lines, Adventures by Disney , and Concierge Collection Luxury Hotels.  So while this latest round of perks are taken away from future resale buyers its clearly to soon to tell what effect it will have on the resale prices.

Currently you can find Disney timeshares on the resale market for $70-80 per point while the resort is selling at $168 per point.  So time will only tell what the resale prices will end up at.  Many people buy the timeshare for the discounts the receive on items such as Annual Park Passes so could this kill the resale value of Disney Timeshares?

One can only imagine if you kill the resale of a product it would directly hurt new sales.

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