Apps to save on your travels

When you go on vacation very few will leave behind the technology they love so much. Here are some apps that we think can help you vacation better.

1.) WIFI Finder - This app will help you find open wifi networks. While its not always safe to be on open wifi networks because someone could be intercepting your data traffic. However if your looking for Wifi to just browse some websites this app is for you. Just be careful

2.) Hotel Apps - Every Major Hotel these days has an App. These apps can get you discounts, allow you to check-in and Out and some are even acting as your key to your room. If you have a favorite hotel then make sure to search there app before you vacation.

3.) Gas Buddy - This was a huge hit of an app back when gas was $4+ a gallon. Now that gas is down relative its probably not an app you keep on your phone. However if your vacation includes traveling by car to get there this actually could save you a lot of money. The difference in price you will pay from one Exit to the next could be worth the time. Surely worth finding where there is a gas Station.

4.) Open Table - One of my favorites and I use regardless if i am traveling or not. This helps a lot when you are in a city your not familiar with besides getting recommendations its great to book your table ahead of time.

Do you have any apps that you suggest?

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