Bringing Tech to Luggage

Most people have a normal carry-on luggage that hold your belongings but does nothing more than that.  A company Floatti is trying to change that concept.  After completing a crowdfunding raising over $600k it has become one of the most desired carry-on bags on the market.  While the funding is over you can still Pre-Order your luggage on Indiegogo for $320.  While that might sound like a lot lets look at what you get for your money

  • Floatti Carry On
  • 2 Belonging Trackers
  • 2 Small Packing Pouches
  • 1 Medium Packing Pouch
  • 1 Large Packing Pouch
  • Detachable Mobile Charger
  • All-Weather Protective Cover

Still not sold on the price?  Lets look at what this bag will do for you.


As the title of this message suggests this bag brings a lot of Technology.  No longer worry about losing your bag and also get notifications to your phone when it has arrived.  The handle is an innovative Smart Handle which gives you access to your most used phone features right in the palm of your hand.  with the handle you can

  • Receive Notifications
  • Pick up Calls
  • Dial Contacts
  • Play, Change Music tracks
  • Control your camera shutter
  • compose and send voice to text messages
  • launch map apps
  • set off an SOS alarm or help message with your location


Built in Scale

I know i have always used a portable travel scale to check the weight of my bag.  With the Floatti you get that built right into the suite case.  Just lift up on the case by the handle and a digital screen will tell you the weight.

Detachable Electronics Compartment

One item that is always a hassle is getting your electronics out of your bag for security.  The Floatti comes with a detachable gadget compartment to easily remove all of your electronics and send them thought the scanner.  The other option is to get TSA Pre-Check and not have to worry about this.


Built in Battery

When traveling everyone hates dealing with a dead cell phone or laptop.  When your traveling all day long the last thing you want to deal with is finding the one plug available in the airport.  With the Floatti it comes with a 12,000mAh or you can upgrade to a laptop charger that is 28,000mAh that fits easily in the bag and allows you to charge your phone, laptop and other electronics while on the move.

I am pretty impressed with the technology the have included in this bag.  Will i purchase one not sure, being that i don't travel that often it would seem not as useful for me.  If your a weekly traveler the price of $320 might sound like a bargain especially when the luggage comes with a 10 year warranty.  While I discussed the Technology behind the bag there is clearly a lot more that this bag offers which you can read about on Floatti's website

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