Memorial Day Travel Tips

Your either planning on hanging around the house maybe doing a Barbecue or your like the other 38 Million Americans and will be traveling somewhere for the Memorial Day Weekend. According to AAA, all of those traveling will make this the 2nd most traveled day since 2015.

Why so busy? AAA says that its due to lower gas prices, strong labor market and rising personal income. So if you are one of the 38 million here are some tips to help your traveling a little easier.

  • Get your Car Ready.  Before you set off on the road make sure your car is ready for the long drive.  Go get an oil change is the easiest way so that you know you have good oil, all other fluids are topped off and your tire pressure is good.  They will also inform you of anything else that might cause problems during your journey.
  • Leave at off-peak times.  The busiest times will be Friday and Monday Evening so try to get on the road before the rush.  Doing so will save you a lot of money in gas you might waste sitting in traffic.
  • Get your GPS Ready.  If it can be updated do it before you trip.  Make sure to plug it in and know other alternate routes that are possible in case you get stuck in traffic
  • Roadside Assistance.  If your car doesn't come with a roadside assistance program consider purchasing one prior to your travels.  This can save you a lot if you run out of gas, get a flat tire, or even worse get locked out of your car.

We wish everyone a Happy and Safe Memorial Day!

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